American Disaster 
Business Relief

The AD Business Relief is where we mobilize to help at home and small business owners rebuild their life and passion. After a disaster AD Business Relief will be in any part of the United States to help rebuild business. We help by providing office supplies, technology, office furniture, business resources and financial assistance.

Our goal is to work with small and at home businesses that have been damaged or have lost revenue due to a natural disaster. We understand the impact small business has on the economy but we also understand that as a small business owner it can be very difficult going without revenue or with lost revenue for any length of time. 

We are dedicated to helping rebuild the small business and help sustain those that are still standing but are feeling the strain of the economy. 

Rebuilding Business American Strong

Loading the truck for Joplin.

Highland Village Elementary, 
Highland Village, TX


 Business Relief has been working with local elementary schools in Highland Village, TX to help support Joplin, MO area businesses. The students paid $.50 to wear a hat to school and the proceeds will be well used in helping Joplin, MO small business.

Our recent trip to Joplin, MO brought to our attention all the great assistance to those that need basic living needs met. However, we noticed a need for small businesses that lost everything or lost revenue because of the EF5 tornado in May. 

Flower Mound Rotary International, 
Flower Mound, TX

We are excited to announce the assistance of the local area Rotary Club in Flower Mound, TX. Robyn Kissee Allen will be speaking at their next meeting to raise awareness and generate support.

Unloading the truck in Joplin.